Halo Wars 2 Operation: SPEARBREAKER missions and Serina leader available now

Halo Wars 2 Operation: SPEARBREAKER
Halo Wars 2 originally released on February 21st, 2017

Thanks to an update on Halo Waypoint, we can share that some new content is available for Halo Wars 2. A new Leader has been added and I think fans of the original Halo Wars will be happy with her. Additionally, two new campaign missions are now available with the Halo Wars 2 Operation: SPEARBREAKER expansion. These missions follow an elite squad of ODSTs.

For a quick introduction, here’s the trailer for the new content packs:

Now, let’s dive into more detail regarding these two content packs.


Halo Wars 2 Operation: SPEARBREAKER can be played in single player or two-player co-op. These two new missions follow an ODST squad fighting the Banished in the war for the Ark. This pack is available for free to owners of the Season Pass however, it can also be purchased separately for $5.99 USD or in a combo pack with the Serina Leader pack for $9.99 USD.

New Leader: Serina

Bringing back the Spirit of Fire’s AI, this pack adds Serina as a Leader. Serina’s powers and units focus on cryo tech, chilling, freezing and shattering enemy forces. These abilities include:

  • Cryo-based abilities to slow or freeze your enemies
  • Combo attacks to shatter frozen targets with proper timing and execution
  • Ice Barriers let you divide (and conquer) the battlefield as you wish
  • The Glacial Storm ultimate ability forces opponents to choose between retreat or a frozen death

The Serina Leader pack is also available for free to Season Pass owners, purchasable as a standalone for $5.99 USD or in a combo pack with the Operation: SPEARBREAKER missions for $9.99 USD. Both packs add new achievements for you to earn. Both packs are also available right now, on Xbox One and Windows 10.

These continued updates and DLCs for Halo Wars 2 have been great for the multiplayer community. Now it’s good to see we are getting some campaign missions in the mix as well. If you haven’t played Halo Wars 2 however, I recommend reading our review or checking out the demo.