Mario Kart is coming to VR in Japan

Mario Kart is coming to VR
This VR game will be an adaption of the traditional arcade games

In a bit of surprising news, Nintendo is now tangibly dipping its toes into the territory of VR. As it turns out, Mario Kart is coming to VR however, there are some caveats. It won’t be available for personal purchase or use, at least for the time being. Right now, it’s only coming to select arcades in Japan. According to Ars Technica, this game in development by Bandai Namco, who have traditionally handled arcade spin-offs in the Mario Kart series.

Here’s the first-person trailer for Mario Kart Arcade GP VR:

It’s an interesting use of tech, as the game is actually running through the HTC Vive headset. Even though this is limited to arcades right now, it’s telling that Nintendo is testing this technology with their games. Maybe this means we’ll see some sort of partnership in the future for home use. In the meanwhile though, you’ll have to check out Mario Kart Arcade GP VR in Japan when it launches later this year.

If you’re interested in some Mario Kart racing on your Nintendo Switch however, there is of course Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Unsure of whether you’ll like it or not? I recommend reading our review here.