Microsoft says the Halo TV series is still happening

Halo TV series
It's been four years since the announcement of the Halo TV series

At the Xbox One announcement in May 2013, one of the many TV features pushed was a Halo TV series, being produced by renowned filmmaker Steven Spielberg. A lot of things changed however, after the shuttering of Xbox Entertainment Studios. Four years later, we still have yet to see so much as a trailer or any other signs of progress, apart from some comments that it was still coming. Needless to say, many fans naturally assumed at this point that the show was stuck in limbo at best, outright cancelled at worst.

According to Microsoft however, the show is still happening. This news comes via AR12 Gaming, who reached out to Microsoft inquiring on the status of the project.

Here’s Microsoft’s response:

Progress on the Halo Television Series continues. We want to ensure we’re doing this the right way together with a team of creative partners that can help us build the best Halo series that fans expect and deserve. We have no further details to share at this time.”

While this is encouraging news, it’s still nothing more than a statement. As such, I’d argue most fans, including myself, need to see something more concrete before we’re sure this show is still really happening. That said, it is definitely possible the Halo TV series is still coming but they are holding it to be rolled out along with Halo 6. Hopefully we’ll find out more soon.