Norsca rages and the Dark Elves rise in these new Total War: Warhammer trailers

These trailers show off factions in Total War: Warhammer and its upcoming sequel

If you are a fan of Total War:Warhammer, congrats! There are some great new updates to share with you today. First off, the big one. The Norsca faction is on its way!

Norsca cinematic reveal trailer:

I’m probably biased due to my love of Norse mythology and history but this is extremely exciting. Frost Wyrms, Mammoths, Skin Wolfs and more fill out the roster of this northern horde. The Total War: Warhammer Norsca pack releases on Steam on August 10th for $9.99 USD. If you pre-purchase this pack however, you’ll get it for $8.99. Additionally, if you pre-order Total War: Warhammer II, you’ll get it for free.

Moving on, we have some news for Total War: Warhammer II. This new in-engine trailer shows off the Dark Elves with their Legendary Lords; Malekith the Witch King and his mother, Morathi the Hag Sorceress.

Dark Elves in-engine trailer:

The Yin to the High Elves Yang, the Dark Elves bring crossbowmen, powerful infantry and sea monsters like the War Hydra near the end of the trailer. We’ve now seen the Lizardmen, High Elves and Dark Elves in action through various trailers. That means only the mysterious Skaven are left to be revealed.

With the plan to combine the maps of all three games into one grand campaign, the Total War: Warhammer trilogy is certainly an ambitious project. Based on my time hands-on at E3 2017, I’m looking forward to the next chapter when it releases on September 28th, 2017.