RGM Podcast #31: Games, Xbox, SNES & Grand Final Debate!

RGM Podcast #31
Join us for our 31st episode!

Hey gamers, welcome to RGM Podcast #31! We’ve got quite several new game announcements to discuss, SNES stock problems, the exciting Grand Final of our debates and of course, everyone’s favorite moan and groan segment – What Grinds My Gears.

Joining us today we have:

  • Bella Ryse, Host
  • Julius Malco, Director RGM
  • Sam Tolbert, Assistant Editor in Chief
  • Christian Allen, game developer and Head of Serellan 
  • Lord Addict, special guest from the Iron Lords Podcast
  • AnchormanV2, special guest from The Inner Circle Gaming Network
The topics for discussion are:

Introductions & what we’ve been playing

Recent & upcoming game releases/news:

Industry news

Xbox Game gifting is on the way

SNES woes

The Grand Final Debate: Bella Ryse vs Anchorman!

Topic: Are games being announced too early?

Netflix & Chill:

What Grinds My Gears!

Questions from the audience

We are kicking things off at 1700 PST / 2000 EST. Join us then!