Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition announced

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition
PC gamers will finally get to experience the world of Eos
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Millions of players have enjoyed Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Now, after some teasing technical demos over the past few months, we can confirm that PC players will get their chance to enjoy this game. Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition has been announced.

Take a look at the impressive reveal trailer here

While it’s a shame that they’ve had to wait, it’s great that PC gamers will get to enjoy this game. If you have the hardware for it, there’s no doubt you’ll also be playing the definitive version of the game.

A number of options are being included, including HDR and resolutions all the way up to the insane 8K setting. Additionally, Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition includes all of the content found in the season pass of the console versions. Not a bad gift, considering PC players will have had to wait for over a year to play. While we don’t have a specific release date, we do know that Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will release sometime in Early 2018 for PC via Steam, Origin and the Windows Store.

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