Hunt: Showdown Dev Diary #2 shows off the tools of the trade

Hunt: Showdown Dev Diary #2
This is the second developer diary released for the game

Crytek’s upcoming game, Hunt: Showdown, is still in development with some time to go ahead of it. In the meanwhile however, one of the ways of learning more about this title is through the dev diaries being released on a semi-regular basis. Hunt: Showdown Dev Diary #2 focuses on the tools of the trade, the various weapons wielded by hunters.

You can watch the video showing off the design of the various weapons here:

An interesting behind-the-scenes look. We’ve also got a written portion on the same subject here on the official website. Alexander Asmus, Senior 3D Artist at Crytek, has this to say about the process behind researching firearms for the game:

It starts with research. Gun auctions are a good place to find photographs, but some are really hard to come by. I was recently working on the white box of a gun, the Cei-Rigotti, and it is really hard to find material. I found some pictures, but I was missing integral shots of the chamber, as well as a first-person shot, so I had to extrapolate. You look at guns that function similarly and use elements of those that could, in theory, work in reality.”

When I got to see Hunt: Showdown behind closed doors at E3 2017, I was cautiously optimistic. The setting and gameplay were definitely appealing however, it was also clear development had a long way to go. Seeing developer diaries like these provides more insight into how a game is made and should go a long way towards answering questions that fans might have. Hopefully we’ll get to see more soon.