Stranger Things Season 3 announced

Yesterday, Stranger Things Season 3 was announced. That is big news if you were a fan of the first season. Frankly, it’s big news even if you weren’t a fan, because the show is HUGE! It is taking off as one of the most thrilling, fun, scary and nostalgic pieces of entertainment in any form. Because of that, if you haven’t watched Season 1 yet, you need to get on it, put it in your Netflix cue and binge.

The Duffer brothers announced on August 21st that there would be a Season 3 of Stranger Things and that is awesome – as long as Season 2 holds up to the hype, and based on the trailer and reactions on reddit, it looks like it might.

Season 4 Too?

But hidden in this article and others writing about the announcement is this fact: There will likely be a fourth and final season. Stranger Things will get a Season 4 as well, which will be the last.

“No. 2 is always a little bit bigger.” In the process, they also confirmed that season three of the show is officially a go, and that they plan to do one more after it. “We’re thinking it will be a four-season thing and then out,” says Ross.  – Vulture


The Downside

What that means for us as viewers is that, at this point, we still have two months to wait until October 27th. Then we will wait a year for season three and another for season four. Stranger Things has a Game of Thrones thing going on now. They announce the end of the series years in advance and then leave the audience to squirm through episode title announcements, stills from set, and delay after delay. To be fair, Stranger Things has not shown any signs of delays like Game of Thrones, but it is something that tends to happen once fans are primed for seasons which have been announced years in advance.

Stranger Things

Lastly, one of the worst things about knowing all of this is the Ghost of Seasons Yet to Come! Much like in the Dickens classic, A Christmas Carolthis ghost is the meanest, scariest, and darkest of all. It is filled with spoilers, critics, fan theories, and trolls, whose only job is to ruin the mystique, and anticipation surrounding the whole thing. With that, I must sign off. Enjoy Season 2, and here’s hoping the remaining seasons of Stranger Things hold up to the original.