Two more games come to backwards compatibility – August 3 2017

August 3 2017
There are now 405 backwards compatible games

August is upon us. Traditionally a subdued month, there are still things happening we begin bracing our bank accounts for the inevitable bombardment of games in the Fall. In the meanwhile however, if you’re looking to dust off some older titles, you’re in luck. Today, August 3 2017, two more games have come to the library of backwards compatible titles on the Xbox One.

The new games added to the list today are:
  • Disney Epic Mickey 2
  • Sega Vintage Collection: ToeJam & Earl

August 3 2017

You can also check out the list of games added during the month of July HERE.

This now takes the total to 405 games available on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility. To check out the entire list of games now available through this feature please visit Major Nelson’s Blog.