Yapyap THE DESTROYER is now available for Halo Wars 2

Yapyap THE DESTROYER is the newest leader added to the roster

The newest leader for Halo Wars 2 is here and he’s probably not what you’d have guessed. This cunning warrior, this ruthless leader, this fearless individual is none other than…Yapyap THE DESTROYER. This cunning Grunt was revealed on Halo Waypoint and he brings all the new abilities and troops his stubby legs can muster.

Take a look at Yapyap in this new trailer here:

Now, let’s take a look at the types of units and abilities this guy brings to Halo Wars 2.

His troops focus on a mix of methane, firepower and cannon fodder, such as:

  • Giant(ish) Grunt Goblin mechs to stomp on everybody who’s been stompin’ on poor ol’ Grunts for, like, ever.
  • Methane Wagons and Methane bombs to spread sweet, sweet methane infusion around the battlefield and inspire all your Grunts to laugh (rather than whimper) in the face of danger.
  • Brute Riders, because who doesn’t want to hop on the shoulders of a murderous nine-foot space monkey and get up to some violence?

The Yapyap THE DESTROYER Leader Pack is out right now on both Xbox One and Windows 10, available for free for Season Pass owners, or for $5.99 USD separately. The pack also adds three new achievements that you can enjoy earning.

If you haven’t picked up Halo Wars 2 yet, I recommend trying the free demo here. If you’d like more information about the game, be sure to read our review here.