“Peripheral” Vision: Trigger Devils Review

Trigger Devils

As this era of gaming shapes its identity we see a variety of “must have” peripherals hitting the market. These vary from items as elaborate as virtual reality devices, all the way down to grip pads and analogue stick caps. One such item was sent to me to take a look at and provide you with my opinion. So let’s take a look at one of the newest members of the gaming peripheral family – The Trigger Devils.Trigger Devils

The idea behind trigger stops is to shorten the distance the trigger is compressed before it initiates action. This in turn increases the speed in which you can perform tasks such as shooting. The faster you can shoot, the faster you can kill, or so the principle goes.

This is an extremely hard action to measure along with gauging just how effective the end result is in increasing your proficiency. I believe it’s more of a perceived enhancement in many instances however, if you pay close attention you can actually see a difference in performance.

So now that we have the concept squared away, let’s take a look at how these particular trigger stops work.

The Trigger Devils that I was sent for the PS4 controller are the clip-on variety (other types are available such as stick-on caps) and literally clip-on and off meaning that you don’t have to fiddle around with settings and can remove them with ease when switching from games such as a shooter to a racer. Trigger stops are not useful at all when playing a game such as Driveclub as you need to compress the trigger completely to get up to speed. Put in Call of Duty though, and now we’re talking.

These trigger stops are basic, no adjustment available so you have to learn to work with them as is. Snipers for example will need to practice to readjust their trigger pull to compensate for the shorter draw distance. This doesn’t take long to get used to though.

Overall I found these easy to use, comfortable and I felt like my reaction time did increase. For someone who needs every second to count (shooter genre fanatic) the Trigger Devils have merit.

Do I feel like my accuracy was improved? No, no peripheral in the world can help with my bad aim.

Do I feel like my response time was quicker? Yes, definitely. Whilst the difference is minimal it most certainly is evident.

If you are looking to spruce up your controller a little, improve pin point accuracy with analogue stick caps/extenders, reduce fire time with trigger stops, then peripherals such as these are a cheap and effective way to achieve that without having to shell out over $150 for a Scuf or Elite controller. However, if that sort of thing doesn’t matter to you then trigger stops are not a necessity.

Would I recommend these trigger stops in particular? Yes. Easy to use and equip/unequip, fairly priced and decent quality. A baseline set of Trigger Devils will cost you $24.99 USD for the DualShock 4 and $16.99 USD for a right trigger stop cap for the Xbox One controller.

Here’s a quick video that walks you through how the clip-on trigger stops are equipped to the PS4 controller:

For more information on Trigger Devils please visit the official website.