Destiny 2 PC Release Date and Minimum Recommended Specs

Destiny 2 PC

Those planning to play the Destiny 2 PC version have had quite the wait whilst their consoles buddies have been levelling up these past few weeks.

Whilst many of us have maxed out our three classes to 305, gamers on the PC get to start their journey through the world of Destiny 2 on October 25th, with Bungie revealing the release date earlier today.

The current minimum recommend PC specs have also been posted with some slight changes to what was previously revealed back in July earlier this year.

We have included those for you below, so if you were only just going to make the cut on your rig you might want to double check the current specs:

Destiny 2 PC

So far Destiny 2 has exceeded my expectations and you can check out my review for more details here.

To those about to join the fold, we welcome you Guardians.