Street Fighter V Arcade Edition announced and it’s coming January 2018

After over a year of fan requests, Capcom has finally announced Street Fighter V Arcade Edition.

Check out the trailer for Street Fighter V Arcade Edition below:

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition will release on January 16th 2018 and be available on Steam and PSN. Gamers who were patient enough to wait will be able to purchase the title for $39.99 (US) and will have access to:

  • All Season 1 & 2 Characters (28 in total)*
  • A new unannounced character
  • Second V-Trigger to each fighter
  • Arcade Mode
  • Extra Battle Mode
  • Gallery
  • New UI Design

Existing Street Fighter V owners will get the Arcade Mode, Extra Battle Mode and Second V-Trigger for free as well. However, existing Street Fighter V owners will have to buy the Season 1 & Season 2 characters by earning Fight Money or buying in-game currency.

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*Content not available for free to current Street Fighter V players, but can be accessed using earned Fight Money or purchased in-game currency. Content will be redeemable via download code token for purchasers of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.