Xbox game gifting is here in an Xbox Insider Program update

xbox game gifting
Hopefully it'll be ready for everyone for the holidays

As we reported earlier this year, Xbox game gifting is one of the most user requested features on Xbox User Voice.

To the delight of those who requested it, it is finally making its way to the console via the Xbox Insider Program – if you’re in the UK that is.

Below, we have a screenshot from a user who has the update: 

xbox game gifting

It is only a matter of time before this update makes its way to other regions. As of this writing, I cannot gift Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition as I am in Canada. Other users have confirmed this as well in this Reddit thread.

This should make things easier to get your friend a copy of a game instead of sending cash or transferring money via PayPal or email money transfer.

What do you think of this new feature? Sound off in the comments below!