Armature Studio announces Fail Factory!, a Gear VR title

Fail Factory!
Assembly lines of chaos

Yesterday, we shared that Armature Studio was preparing to reveal some big news. Well, the time has come and their announcement is here. Honestly, it’s not what I expected at all. The new game they are working on is called Fail Factory!, a Samsung Gear VR game.

Here’s the interesting reveal trailer:

Some more information via the synopsis: 

Immerse yourself in a whimsical robot factory while climbing your way up the corporate ladder from lowly intern to esteemed star employee. In a wacky spectacle of increasing chaos, strive to keep up with the escalating comedy of errors as you operate various assembly lines in a myriad of mini-games. Entrenched in a physics-based, no consequences playground, experience three main types of mini-game stations, all with the goal to help the factory build robots on a massive scale.

This definitely isn’t what I expected however, it’s certainly a very unique concept. We’ll have to see how it shapes up in the near future. Considering the release date is December 7th, it’s probably almost done at this point. Obviously we’ll keep you updated on any further announcements. I’d also recommend checking out the developer’s Twitter account.