Cuphead is getting a physical release

Cuphead is getting a physical release
Hi-de-ho, to retail it goes

One of the many incredible games that came out this year was the long-awaited Cuphead, a run-and-gun indie game developed and published by¬†StudioMDHR Entertainment. With tough gameplay and visuals that emulate 1930s cartoons, it’s not hard to see why it’s become such a success. If you’ve been put off by the digital-only availability however, we’ve got great news: Cuphead is getting a physical release! The news was originally posted by user Tyrok on cheapassgamer, before being shared on Twitter.

Here’s the Twitter link:

While it’s nice that gamers will be able to grab a physical box, it unfortunately doesn’t come with an actual disc. Instead, it has a download code for the game on Xbox One and Windows 10 (Cuphead supports Xbox Play Anywhere). It also has a bonus in the form of an art cel. The retail edition will cost the same as the digital version, $19.99 USD.

Boxes are nice however I do wish there was a disc for a ‘true’ physical version. Still, if you like having game boxes for your collection, this is the edition to get. There’s no word on when exactly this physical edition will release, though I imagine it will be very soon.