This Dark Souls and Cuphead mashup is incredible

Dark Souls and Cuphead
It's the Dark Souls of...wait, no

By now, I imagine most gamers are very familiar with this tiresome phrase: “It’s the Dark Souls of (blank).” Well, here’s a situation where that actually very much applies. This amazing mashup animation of Dark Souls and Cuphead by 64 Bits has had me in awe and it’s well worth taking a quick look at.

Here’s the eloquently titled Cupsouls: 

Well done 64 Bits. You’ve given us a glimpse of something I didn’t know I wanted. Imagine it, an Isle for each of the games, equipment and power-ups that are Souls-themed. Many bosses already undergo horrific transformations in both games, so that merges well. It fits beautifully and perfectly in ways I’d never considered. It’s also heartwarming, given that the Souls series appears to be over with the release of the last DLC.

Unfortunately, reality has to take the steering wheel, so now I’m sad to realize will likely never happen. Ah well, at least we can dream. Both Dark Souls and Cuphead have very passionate fanbases, so it’s good to see them brought together in celebration over something like this.

Be sure to take a look at 64 Bits’ YouTube channel. They’ve certainly earned my praise from this ingenious little mashup.