Demon’s Souls is going offline in 2018

Demon's Souls
Now the servers prepare to die

One of the many influential games to release during the last console generation was Demon’s Souls. This PlayStation 3-exclusive role-playing title is brutal, has a vague storyline and difficult bosses and it’s all set in a dark, eerie gothic fantasy world. Met with acclaim from critics and players alike, it would serve as the primary influence for it’s spiritual successor Dark Souls, which in turn helped grow a loyal fanbase and cement the Souls-style in gaming history.

Unfortunately, all things come to an end and so it is with Demon’s Souls. An announcement was made today that the game is going offline permanently in February 2018. This means no more invasions, co-op or leaving messages for other players to follow.

This news was announced via the official Twitter account: 

It’s always disappointing to see a game go offline, especially one responsible for so much and beloved by so many. Thanks for all the memories From Software. Personally, I hope this means we’ll get a PlayStation 4 remaster sometime in the near future so more gamers can enjoy this incredible experience. For now however, that remains a forlorn hope.