MONSTER OF THE DEEP: FINAL FANTASY XV – “Fishy” Infomercial Trailer

Monster of the Deep

The Monster of the Deep PSVR addition to Final Fantasy XV launched earlier this week on, yep you guessed it, PlayStation 4.

What has been a bit of a rocky start for me will hopefully end up being the full on fishing addiction that I have been waiting to get my hands on since the announcement made at E3 in June of this year.

I have been experiencing a few calibration issues however I am not going to blame the game just yet as I have had these issues with other PSVR games meaning this is most likely a headset issue. We shall see when I attempt to become the world’s most ultimate angler later this evening.

This newest trailer pokes a lot of fun at itself, taking on a TV infomercial theme which leaves you waiting for the “but wait there’s more” and “order now and receive a free set of steak knives”.

One feature of Monster of the Deep that is stressed many times is the never need to leave home aspect. Enjoy all the trills of fishing from the comfort of your couch, and so fourth.

As someone who spent a stupid number of hours fishing in Final Fantasy XV I couldn’t be more excited to be experiencing this in VR, particularly given that there is a global leader-board, of which I intend on sitting on the top of.

So if you think you have what is takes to out fish me, be sure to look for me on the leader-board and send me a tweet at @xMSBELLAx if you over take me.

Game On!

Trust us, we’re not baiting you—this game is quite a catch! After that first fish, you’ll be hooked!
Hang with old friends! Take down challenging Monsters!
Now you can catch fish and lure monsters in the wonderful world of Eos—without ever leaving the couch! …or catching real fish! Stay inside but feel like you’re outside!