Death Stranding’s new trailer is absolutely bizzare

Death Stranding's new trailer
Norman Reedus? Check. Baby-battery-thing? Check.

If you’ve been keeping up with Kojima’s new project since it was announced, you might have noticed a pattern developing: it’s absolutely weird. After Death Stranding skipped E3 2017, many of us were hoping we might see our first glimpse of gameplay at the Video Game Awards. While there’s still no gameplay, the recurring pattern has not been averted, as Death Stranding’s new trailer may be the most bizarre one yet.

Watch the trailer right here: 

So, yeah. If you didn’t understand, don’t worry, you’re in good company. Obviously there’s a lot we could try to discern from the recurring symbolism or hints that connect to the previous trailers however I’m not sure we’d be any closer to understanding what’s going on. With development of Death Stranding well underway at this point, let’s hope we see some gameplay (or even a story trailer) at the next event the game is shown off at.

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