Total War: Warhammer II: The Laboratory promises insane experimental fun

Warhammer II: The Laboratory
So. Many. Rats.

While things have been a bit quieter on the Warhammer II front since the release of Mortal Empires, that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Far from it, as the next free DLC has been announced! Introducing Total War: Warhammer II: The Laboratory, an experimental DLC designed around letting those with strong PCs experiment with…well, just about everything. Want your monsters to be bigger? Increase their size by 200%! Tired of the way bodies stay on the ground? Time to reduce the gravity. It really has to be seen to be believed, so I’ll let you do just that.

Take a look at the wacky shenanigans of The Laboratory:

Battles in Warhammer II are already crazy but this takes it to a new level. I can see myself losing quite a few hours toying around with this mode.

Here’s the full list of everything that can be adjusted:
  • Unit Size – Increase the number of soldiers per unit and single units’ health
  • Winds of Magic – Increase the availability of Winds of Magic for spellcasting
  • Explosions – Increase the size of explosion and vortex spells
  • Vigour Cost Reduction – Make units stay fresh for longer
  • Reload Time – Reduce the amount of time it takes to reload ranged weapons
  • Ammunition – Increase the total amount of shots per ranged unit
  • Projectile Penetration – Increase the distance projectiles can travel through enemies
  • Gravity – Decrease the effect of Gravity on units who are knocked into the air
  • Ability Radius – Increase the effect radius of abilities
  • Ability Recharge Reduction – Reduces recharge time on abilities
  • Charge Duration – Increase the duration of time it takes for charge bonus to fade away
  • Entity Scale – Increase or decrease the size of single unit entities like Lords and Monsters

If you’ve got any questions however, be sure to check out this handy Q&A provided by Creative Assembly. One thing for sure though, I wouldn’t try expirmenting with this unless you have an extremely strong computer.

Total War: Warhammer II: The Laboratory releases for free on December 14th, 2017. Have fun!