DayZ Xbox Game Preview is finally happening

DayZ Xbox Game Preview

Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ is finally coming to Xbox Game Preview next week. Announced at Gamescom this week, the post-apocalypse zombie survival game has seen critical success on PC selling nearly 5 million copies since it was released on Steam Early Access in 2014.

After 4 years, DayZ is still in Early Access Alpha. However, that doesn’t mean people have stopped playing the game.

However, while the number of players per day peak around 2000, there is much to be said about the estimated playtime over the last 2 weeks (as of August 23, 2018 on SteamDB).


I played the game initially at launch, however, between the lack of graphical horsepower in my PC at the time along with the infuriating fall damage, I never looked back after uninstalling the game. I applaud developers who continue to support and improve their games. Take No Man’s Sky, for example, a game with a shaky launch and a lot of critics. They took a lot of community feedback and implemented changes to make the game what it is today.

Expanding DayZ‘s audience just might help the developers get the game out of alpha. No word on if cross-play with PC will be allowed and Bohemia Interactive has confirmed a PS4 version is on the way.

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