Xbox All Access coming soon?

Xbox All Access

According to Windows Central, Microsoft may soon be releasing Xbox All Access – a new subscription service that includes an Xbox Console, Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Game Pass.

A cryptic tweet by The Verge’s Tom Warren earlier this month just about confirms that this is actually something Microsoft is working on.

Details regarding the subscription tiers obtained by Windows Central show that for around $22USD per month over 24 months, you can get Xbox One S, Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Game Pass. The next subscription tier is around $35USD and will upgrade you to an Xbox One X.

We know that Microsoft is working on Project Scarlett, which according to, is a family of devices. Could these two subscription tiers be the first two Project Scarlett family members with a more powerful console releasing in 2020? Having a subscription service to lower the initial cost of ownership and instantly have a library of over 100 games in Xbox Game Pass is hard to imagine that Microsoft would take this approach. This truly is a game changer in our opinion. It closely resembles cell phone plans where you pay for the cost of your device over the duration of your contract. Not everyone can shell out the price of a brand new iPhone or Samsung phone up front so signing up with a contract is the way a lot of consumers go.

For the time being, this offer appears to be only available in the US. We hope if this does become true that it expands to other countries as it would benefit customers all over the world.

What do you think? We have a feeling this announcement could be well timed to happen sometime before the Christmas rush. Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter!