Details on Netflix’s Resident Evil TV series

Resident Evil TV series

Details on Netflix’s Resident Evil TV series have started to emerge. Deadline reported last year that they had uncovered that the show was in development by Constantin Film.

It comes as no surprise that Redanian Intelligence is the fan site that has claimed that they have located a production entry for the series which reveals several key pieces of information.

The Resident Evil franchise currently holds the record for the highest-grossing film series that is based off of a video game, so it’s not surprise that there is a huge amount of interest in seeing this now turned into a TV series – especially with the kind of money and effort that Netflix through into their projects.

Redanian report that we can expect 8 episodes in the first season, which is pretty stock standard these days, with each episode running for 60 minutes. Apparently production is already underway in South Africa and we could expect the show to launch as early as this year.

Whilst we still have no idea who makes up the cast of the cult classic title, if this is in fact to launch this year we can expect to hear something about it form Netflix in the very near future.