Nintendo issues apology for delayed production due to Coronavirus

Nintendo has just issued an apology to its customers considering any delays caused by the Coronavirus that is striking China at this very moment. In this apology, Nintendo informs customers that certain items will have an inevitable delay. The link above sends readers directly to the Japanese site, this is the translated version in English.

“Thank you for your patronage of our products.

Due to the current outbreak of the new coronavirus infection, it is expected that production and shipment delays will be inevitable for peripheral devices such as the Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con produced in China for the Japanese market. Was. Similarly, shipments of the currently out-of-stock “Ring Fit Adventure” are expected to be delayed.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We will continue to work to deliver products as soon as possible while keeping an eye on the effects of the new coronavirus infection.”

With more than 60 million Chinese residents being locked down it seems like this apology wasn’t needed. It’s completely understandable that many of the companies that use China to build their products will have a rough road ahead. The gaming market is surely going to have to just wait for the Coronavirus outbreak to be taken care of.

Roughly 560 people have lost their lives and currently 28,000 are infected with the virus. It wasn’t announced if the new Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch will be affected by any delays. It would be more useful to think positively about all those people who are being affected right now. The gaming industry isn’t known for being always being civil.

Personally I think the world is going through so much right now that if you complain that you can’t get your Joy-Con controller on time you need to rethink how you live your life. In other news, Xbox Ultimate Game Pass users can now play Wolfenstein Youngblood on either the Xbox One or PC.