State of the Game: Title Update 9 and Exotics


This week’s State of the Game brings news of Title Update 9, along with the recently discussed changes to exotics.

Title Update 9 will release on April 21st with full patch notes being made available closer to the date. One of the most interesting changes coming with the update is the ability to recalibrate exotic items. I go into further detail about that after the re-cap.

Some of the fixes noted by the devs to be coming in Title Update 9 include:

  • Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to reach The Angel of Mercy contaminated area.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Nemesis Exotic to not trigger the Focus Gear Talent while scoped.
  • Replaced the Thieves Den PS4 trophy that was unobtainable since the expansion launch. It’s currently planned to be replaced by entering the Dark Zone.
  • More fixes to Gear Sets, fixing Aces & Eights’ Poker Face not working properly, for example.
  • Booster Hive description will be fixed to correctly state that the hive delivers a stimulant to nearby allies that increases their weapon damage and handling.

Obviously, it wouldn’t be a “Massive” update without balance changes, would it?

  • “Best in slot” items like Hollow Man Yaahl mask are receiving minor changes.
  • Buffs and performance improvements to underperforming talents and weapons.

When they say “items like Hollow Man” you can add to that list the Contractor’s Gloves and the Fox’s Prayer knee pads. I know, I know, I’m not happy about it either!


Here’s the update on Season 1 provided this morning during the State of the Game livestream:

  • There are 10 rewards for participating, including the unique “Hyena Tagger” Backpack trophy.
  • League UI improvements were implemented in last week’s update, Title Update 8.5, making the UI clearer when transitioning to a new week.

The Urban Jungle Apparel Event continues.

  • This is the last full week during which players can earn keys through gameplay.
  • After April 21, keys can still be purchased. Players with unspent keys should make sure to use them before the event closes on April 28.
  • The Purifier Mask can also only be obtained until this period ends.
  • After April 28, the Urban Jungle Apparel Cache will no longer be live, but event items will be available for direct purchase via the in-game store in the near future.

Season 1 Manhunt

  • Two targets are available now: Neptune and Venus.
  • A new target will arrive later in April.
  • Once a target is available, players have the duration of the Season to hunt them down.
  • Hunt down all five Seasonal Manhunt targets to unlock the unique skill variant, EMP sticky.


The key take away here is that you will be able to upgrade your level 30 exotics (weapons and gear) to level 40. Your existing blueprints for exotic items will automotically be converted to reconfiguration blueprints, which is what you will need to use for the upgrade.

You have the potential to reconfigure the item to ‘god roll’ status but no guarantee, with the potential re-rolled attribute being one that is “appropriate for the exotic’s level“.

According to Nikki Kuppens, Senior Game Designer, the exotic items are “not supposed to be the best thing out there” and are designed to promote different game play styles.

Title Update 9

The devs have provided this warning before you start the reconfiguration process:

It can be risky to reconfigure an already powerful Exotic, as each individual attribute bar and the overall power of the item will be re-rolled. Everything between a god-roll and a weaker overall roll is possible, but it will always be above the guaranteed minimum.

Meaning: Your chance to get a ‘god roll’ result when reconfiguring is just as high as your chance to get a minimum roll. If you start with above average attributes you could very well end up with a worse roll then when you started.

Note: Your Global Difficulty will have no bearing on the reconfiguration process.

If you don’t currently have blueprints for exotic items that you wish to reconfigure you will be able to collect them, including those for the new items from the Warlords of New York expansion. Simply visit Inaya at the BOO and purchase the blueprints that you need (you need to own the exotic first though or the blueprint won’t be there for purchase).

The million dollar question (or exotic component question in this instance) is: How much will this reconfiguration process cost??

The reconfiguration process of an exotic item will cost 1 exotic component (as well as the generic crafting materials required, i.e. electronics, carbon fibre etc.). Keep in mind, the cap for exotic components is 20, so check how many you have before you start breaking down items for parts.

Deconstructing exotics will only give you 1 component, where as previously it was 2, so be sure you have a good think about what you want to reconfigure before you get started. Stock piling exotic items now before the update could prove quite beneficial down the track.

Are you looking for some help with your builds or understanding the changes made with the latest updates and account sanctions? Here are a few links that will assist you:

Warlords of New York released on March 2nd and is an expansion to the base game Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2.

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