How to: Download your Xbox One DVR vids to PC in just seconds

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Many of us have recently upgraded to Windows 10 in the past few weeks which has brought along with it a much easier way to interactive with your Xbox and friends via the Xbox App that is pre-installed.

What many people apparently don’t seem to realize though is that this app provides you with the ability to be able to copy your DVR captures from your Xbox One directly to your PC in only a few seconds.

For those of you who create content from your DVR going to the upload studio, waiting for it to upload to One Drive then going back to your PC and downloading it there has been the process you have been following and it really is very time consuming.

You no longer need to go to the length.

So here is a quick How To for those of you that were not aware you had this function available to you:


For those who prefer a written guide, please see below”


1. Simply go to your Xbox App located on the start menu and launch it.


2. Once the app has loaded you will see a variety of icons down the left hand side. The one you are looking for is the screen with the controller in front of it called Game DVR.


3. Once that has loaded you will see an option for shared. Simply click on that and you are now looking at the clips that you have recorded on your Xbox One’s DVR.


4. Select the video you wish to download and at the bottom of the clip you will see an option to download. Click that and you are done.


To see the status of your downloads if you are downloading multiple items simple return to the Game DVR screen.


So as you can see this is a ton quicker than using the upload studio. Unfortunately for those without Windows 10 you will have to stick to the traditional methods but for the rest of us this saves a bucket load of time.

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