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Save Deals with Gold
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A new week is here with new Deals with Gold, courtesy of Major Nelson. Quite a few of sales are actually carried over from last week due to EA’s ongoing publisher sale. As such, titles like Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 still have respectable discounts, if you’re in the mood for a shooter. Zombies are also in season, as Dead Rising 4 has 35%-40%, depending on the version you choose. Some backwards compatible games like Red Dead Redemption are also on sale, if you’re looking at some 360 titles. None of these particularly save Deals with Gold or make it stand out though.

However, there is one title that most definitely does. The official RGM recommendation this week is unquestionably The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition. This title is my personal favorite this entire console generation. Hunting and slaying monsters as Geralt, exploring the Northern Kingdoms that have been ravaged by war, bonding with the countless incredible characters, this is a game like no other. This is a dark, mature world very unlike any fairytale. If you are a fan of role-playing titles, Celtic or Slavic mythology, or even just monsters and mayhem, you need to try this game out. The Complete Edition includes the main game plus every expansion released for 50% off, just $25. That’s well over 200 hours of gameplay for a single playthrough. It’s well worth it.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The most awarded game of 2015! Become a monster slayer for hire and embark on an epic journey to track down the child of prophecy, a living weapon capable of untold destruction. INCLUDES ALL EXPANSIONS AND ADDITIONAL CONTENT.

Here’s the full list of this week’s Deals with Gold and Spotlight Sales:

These deals are valid from March 7 through March 13, 2017.

Xbox One Deals
Content TitleContent TypeDiscountNotes
(Game Preview) Pit PeopleXbox One Game15%Spotlight
ARK: Scorched Earth (Game Preview)Add-On25%Spotlight
ARK: Survival Evolved (Game Preview)Xbox One Game50%Spotlight
ASTRONEER (Game Preview)Xbox One Game20%Spotlight
Battlefield 1Xbox One Game50%Pub Sale
Battlefield 1 Deluxe EditionXbox One Game50%Pub Sale
Battlefield 1 Shortcut Kit: Ultimate BundleAdd-On25%Pub Sale
Battlefield 1 Ultimate EditionXbox One Game40%Pub Sale
Battlefield 1 – Titanfall 2 Deluxe BundleXbox One Game67%Pub Sale
Battlefield 4Xbox One Game75%Pub Sale
Battlefield Hardline Standard EditionXbox One Game75%Pub Sale
Dead Rising 4 Deluxe Edition*Xbox One Game35%DWG
Dead Rising 4 Season Pass*Add-On40%DWG
Dead Rising 4*Xbox One Game35%DWG
Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe EditionXbox One Game67%Pub Sale
Dragon Age: Inquisition – Game of the Year EditionXbox One Game67%Pub Sale
EA SPORTS FIFA 17Xbox One Game67%Pub Sale
EA SPORTS FIFA 17 Deluxe EditionXbox One Game67%Pub Sale
EA SPORTS FIFA 17 Super Deluxe EditionXbox One Game30%Pub Sale
EA SPORTS NHL 17Xbox One Game67%Pub Sale
EA SPORTS NHL 17 Deluxe EditionXbox One Game67%Pub Sale
EA SPORTS NHL 17 Super Deluxe EditionXbox One Game50%Pub Sale
EA SPORTS UFC 2Xbox One Game67%Pub Sale
EA SPORTS UFC 2 Deluxe EditionXbox One Game67%Pub Sale
Guns, Gore and Cannoli*Xbox One Game50%DWG
Madden NFL 17Xbox One Game67%Pub Sale
Madden NFL 17 Deluxe EditionXbox One Game67%Pub Sale
Madden NFL 17 Super Deluxe EditionXbox One Game50%Pub Sale
Mega Man Legacy Collection*Xbox One Game60%DWG
Mirrors Edge CatalystXbox One Game60%Pub Sale
Need for Speed Deluxe BundleXbox One Game70%Pub Sale
Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2Xbox One Game80%Pub Sale
Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Deluxe EditionXbox One Game80%Pub Sale
Prototype Biohazard Bundle*Xbox One Game60%DWG
Rise of the Tomb Raider Season Pass*Add-On75%DWG
Rise of the Tomb Raider*Xbox One Game50%DWG
Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration*Xbox One Game50%DWG
Rivals of Aether (Game Preview)Xbox One Game50%Spotlight
Slime Rancher (Game Preview)Xbox One Game33%Spotlight
Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: ScarifAdd-On35%Pub Sale
STAR WARS Battlefront Season PassAdd-On50%Pub Sale
STAR WARS Battlefront Ultimate EditionXbox One Game50%Pub Sale
Strider*Xbox One Game75%DWG
Subnautica (Game Preview)Xbox One Game33%Spotlight
The Bug Butcher*Xbox One Game33%DWG
The Escapists*Xbox One Game67%DWG
The Long Dark (Game Preview)Xbox One Game30%Spotlight
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Expansion Pass*Add-On40%DWG
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine*Add-On40%DWG
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Hearts of Stone*Add-On40%DWG
Titanfall 2Xbox One Game60%Pub Sale
Titanfall 2 Deluxe EditionXbox One Game60%Pub Sale
Titanfall 2: Angel City’s Most Wanted BundleAdd-On25%Pub Sale
UnravelXbox One Game75%Pub Sale
Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt – The Complete Edition*Xbox One Game50%DWG


Xbox 360 Deals
Content TitleContent TypeDiscountNotes
Battlefield: Bad Company 2Back Compat50%Pub Sale
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – VietnamBack Compat100%Pub Sale
Bionic Commando Rearmed 2*Games On Demand75%DWG
Call of Duty: Black Ops II*Games On Demand60%DWG
Dragon Age: OriginsBack Compat50%Pub Sale
Dragon Age: Origins – AwakeningBack Compat100%Pub Sale
EA SPORTS FIFA 17Games On Demand60%Pub Sale
EA SPORTS SSX: Classic Characters PackBack Compat100%Pub Sale
Final Fight: Double Impact*Games On Demand75%DWG
Lost Planet 2*Games On Demand75%DWG
Lost Planet Colonies*Games On Demand75%DWG
Madden NFL 17Games On Demand67%Pub Sale
MEGA MAN 10*Back Compat40%DWG
MEGA MAN 9*Back Compat40%DWG
NBA JAM: On Fire EditionBack Compat50%Pub Sale
Puzzle Fighter HD*Games On Demand75%DWG
Skate 3Back Compat50%Pub Sale
SSXBack Compat50%Pub Sale
The Escapists*Games On Demand67%DWG
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition*Games On Demand85%DWG


*These offers are only valid for Xbox Live Gold members.
Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region.

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