The Captain Planet Movie is real, and Leonardo DiCaprio is producing it!

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At a time where the planet’s health has only gotten progressively worse, we don’t just need a single person that can help us fix this situation. We need someone greater, perhaps a Captain of some kind. Well, it appears we’re in luck, because after a long absence from TV screens, Captain Planet is ready to make his return. The difference being that he’ll now be on the big-screen, and Mr. Environmentally-Friendly himself, Leonardo DiCaprio, will be producing the film.

DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way, is working with Paramount to produce and distribute the movie, with Jono Matt and Glen Powell currently in negotiations to write the screenplay. Paramount is still negotiating to acquire the film rights, which will allow Powell and DiCaprio to produce it if all goes to plan.

It’s clear that if there was any kind of superhero-like character that DiCaprio would be a fan of, it’d be one that takes care of the environment and the planet’s health. He does have his nature documentary¬†Before the Flood coming up, so it’s clear that he wishes to hit as many demographics as possible with his environmental messages. It’s clear that DiCaprio is certainly committed to his environmental beliefs, and if he can bring the Captain out of retirement, then there shouldn’t be anything holding him back.

Now, the question has to be in regards to who will play THE Captain Planet? Let’s hope Don Cheadle is available.

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