The Division is looking for a new member to join their forums team

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Have you got a passion for gaming? More specifically for Tom Clancy’s: The Division? Then there may be an opportunity for you to join their growing team.

Right now agents are being sought to apply for a position as a writer for their forums to keep the community up to date with everything that is unfolding within The Division.

Here are all the details:

Howdy folks,

We’re seeking anĀ agent to write articles on behalf of the forums on division news. Basically like how you see articles on sites like gamerant and other news sites we’d like someone to stay super current with all division news and postĀ their opinion on it in an article format. Please private message me why you’d like the job and why you’d be right for it. Your articles will be shared accross the forums as well as to our 7k Twitter followers.

Thanks comrades

To apply follow THIS LINK.

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