E3 2017: Fuzion Frenzy Officially announced for Xbox One backwards compatibility

Fuzion Frenzy
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During the Xbox Daily show on the E3 2017 floor, Major Nelson announced that the couch co-op party game Fuzion Frenzy is now available in the backwards compatible program!

The game was demoed on the show floor with some quirky issues with controllers disconnecting intermittently. However, the gameplay still holds up despite the aging graphic style.

Like backwards compatible games in the current program, the disc based version works just the same. If you don’t currently have a copy,¬†Fuzion Frenzy¬†is also available for purchase in the Xbox Store now!

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  • Ocelot forgot his meds

    Absolutely fantastic ! This game looked remastered on the new hardware ?!?!?

    • It did look remastered however according to the live interview, it’s the original code running in the emulator!

      • Ocelot forgot his meds

        Yeah…hey this isn’t available is it. No mention of release dates…correct ?

        • Not yet. I have the original disc and it gave me an error message when I tried to get it to download. We will let you know when it does become available!

          • Ocelot forgot his meds

            Thx much

  • Microsoft announced that this game is coming to the Xbox One backwards compatibility program during E3 this past summer along with other original Xbox titles. It hasn’t been officially released yet however, like yourself, I have a physical copy of this game just waiting to be installed! When we get the official word, we will definitely let you know!

  • Not yet, unfortunately. I have seen it working though at E3!

  • We feel your pain. I have a physical copy that is waiting for its time to shine again!