Sony is getting ready to provide the promised reimbursements

Reportedly, Sony are in the process or organizing and sending emails to PlayStation Plus members who were affected by the outage earlier this month.

Emails are apparently already reaching some subscribers, and whilst there is no official confirmation if the PlayStation Now and video rental service will be included in this reimbursement, it is most likely that they will be.

So if you check your membership and see that you have additional time on there that wasn’t there before, it will be due to this reimbursement.

Whilst the outage only lasted for 10 hours, it came at a time when typically a fair portion of the community was on holidays so the disruption was exactly that – disruptive. However, Sony engineers worked hard to get the service back online as quick as possible, which was then followed up the next day with word that a reimbursement for time lost on your subscription would be provided.

Not bad customer service at all.

In other related PlayStation 4 news, Update 3.15 is getting to rollout to consoles, you can find out more here.