The God of War 4 Rant: New concept seems a bit off

One of the cool games to get if you love blood and gore and basically want to kill everything in your path is God of War. Simple and straight forward, you lost your family, you blame the gods AND you have your mind set on revenge, KILL, KILL KILL right? Erm, sorry, seems the developers have something else planned for the new God of War !!!

With the release of the God of War Demo at E3, you saw our hero Kratos change from furious, eye-popping death-man to concerned but emotionally repressed father. You saw rapid-fire combat replaced with slower-paced, intimate, father-and-son beast slaying. and I’m sure you have been asking what exactly is going on?

Well, here is a ‘rant’ video asking that exact question. Here, comparisons are made between the previous God of War series with the just released demo. Gameplay, storyline, skills, techniques all come under scrutiny.

So in your opinion, what do you think? Is it off? Is it a fresh start and good use of creativity? I for one fancy his beards. Kindly drop your opinion below in the comment box.