The leaked PlayStation 4 Slim is ‘just-about’ almost real

Just waiting on an official confirmation from Sony!

The internet was all a buzz yesterday as images of a “supposed” PS4 slim surfaced. Many speculated on the validity of the images or whether it was a 3D printed creation intent on trolling fans. While we still have no official confirmation of the PlayStation 4 Slim from Sony we do have confirmation that the unit in question is real courtesy of Eurogamer.

ps4-slim-leaks-online-first-pictures-147185154473Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter paid a visit to the person who posted the original images who claimed to have purchased the PlayStation 4 Slim from auction site Gumtree. Leadbetter also took video of the console booting up as proof that it is real which you can see below and also took some pics of his the console.

Image courtesy of Digital Foundry

Rumors of a PlayStation 4 Slim had indeed been in the ether but we are still waiting on an official confirmation from Sony on the console that leaked yesterday. The company is set to host a reveal event on September 7 in New York where it was rumored to be unveiling the slim while also sharing more information on the PlayStation Neo.