Official Xbox One Mouse and Keypad Controller coming this month

Official Xbox One Mouse and
Changing up shooters on consoles?

Back in 2015, Xbox’s Phil Spencer acknowledged that mouse and keyboard support was coming to the console. Like it or not though, an official Xbox One mouse and keypad controller will be coming October 30, 2017.

As the listing shows, the combo will be $149.99 and is manufactured by HORI who is known for their line of Microsoft licensed fighting game peripherals and gamepads.

Official Xbox One Mouse and

Here’s the official description:

Officially Licensed by Microsoft. The TAC Pro One’s mechanical keypad and mouse bring PC style controls to Xbox One. Designed specifically for FPS games, features include keypad or analog stick movement, and programmable user profiles. The tac Pro provides an entirely new control method to the Xbox One to revolutionize your play style.

Universal compatibility: plug and play on the Xbox One and Windows PC. Designed specifically for FPS games. Compatible with the included tac gaming mouse or any HID-compliant USB mouse.

Fully programmable: adjust and store your settings for mouse sensitivity, acceleration, and dead zones. All sensitivity and key settings are programmable through the TAC mobile App. 3200 DPI Optical mouse: gaming Grade mouse with ultra-responsive micro-switches for deadly accuracy. Buttons are intuitively mapped by Default and can be programmed as needed. Advanced features: quick button increases mouse sensitivity for faster reaction time, Snipe button reduces sensitivity for precision aiming, walk button for precision movement, WSAD or analog stick movement Options, and more.

Yes, you read that correctly, this controller is designed for FPS games. The official HORI product website doesn’t say what titles support this controller however, Microsoft has said that developers have the option to support them or not.

This is an interesting development and one that is hotly debated between gamers. What are your thoughts? Do you think this will destroy the console multiplayer scene or are you comfortable with a controller to take down the mouse and keyboard warriors? Let us know in the comments below!