Microsoft Has Plans For Rare Classics

Microsoft Has Plans For Rare Classics
Perfect Dark, Battletoads, Banjo-Kazooie these are classic games produced and owned by Rare Ltd back in their arguably best days when they were turning out games for Nintendo. 
Yet since their partnership with Microsoft Rare Ltd haven’t been pumping out that many great games other than the yearly Kinect Sports.
Not to worry, fans of these classic games. Ken Lobb, a creative director for Microsoft Studios has said the company is planning to resurrect classic Rare franchises in the future. 
Whilst speaking on the Inner Circle Podcast Lobb was asked “Will there ever be another Banjo, Viva, Blast Corps, Battletoads?”

Ken responded saying “Yeah, someday, We know there’s value. We have a lot of passion internally for each of the games. And we have surprises in store in the near and long future. Understand that what it’s really about is we want to build this suite of IP [Intellectual Property] that we can add to a list of, ‘let’s build some new things, let’s build some recent sequels, and let’s do some crazy stuff like dig back into our portfolio of IP and build some games that people love, I think the best message to give to your listeners is we love the old IP as much as you do. Please be patient because we can only build so much at a time.”

In a time where remastered games and reboots have been so aggressively sucrutinised, I welcome the idea of some of these classic games being rebooted or remastered. A lot of these games still deserved to be replayed and rediscovered by the current and next generation of gamers.