PlayStation 5 Already?!

PlayStation 5 Already?!

Wait, the PlayStation 5 Already?! A new job listing posted by Sony states:

“We have an exciting opportunity at Sony Computer Entertainment of America (PlayStation). We seek a senior game programmer to assist us in developing a game used for R&D purposes related to our next generation gaming system. For someone passionate about gaming this is a very rare opportunity.”

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This is a very recent job listing so it seems odd that they would be talking about the PS4. Also, within this listing the PS4 is mentioned directly without the moniker “Next generation gaming system”. There have been lots of rumblings that this generation will not be as long as the previous and this may be a sign that that is the case.

Are you excited for another addition to the PlayStation family?

Is this something you would purchase right away after only just having upgraded to the PlayStation 4?

I think an important deciding factor in releasing another console so soon and it’s success will be if there is backwards compatibility functionality. Your thoughts?