Is camping killing Call of Duty?

To camp or not the camp? That is the question!


Camping has been around since the dawn of first person shooter games.

It’s unavoidable. No matter how on the ball you are there will always be that ONE corner that you didn’t check and sure enough, there is someone camping in it.

This is something that we have all become accustomed to and just accept it as being the norm, however as the years roll on the camper count has risen at an alarming rate.

What use to be the odd one or two people in an entire match camping, sniping or strategically defending a position as they like to refer to it as, has now turned into, in some cases entire teams pitching tents and roasting marshmallows waiting for the next poor unsuspecting victim to roll on by.

Why has this become so prominent in Call of Duty (CoD) over the past two years?

Are we fostering a new generation of campers who simply don’t care not for objectives and only for their KDR or have more of the veterans taken on the school of thought that is ‘if you can’t beat them join them’?

Multiplayer games of CoD are SUPPOSED to be about team work, strategy, skill and Fun. Putting emphasis on that last part, FUN.

If your only goal as a member of your team is to attempt to anchor your teams spawn by camping then I guess you are succeeding in your goal, outside of that what possible satisfaction can you get from paying $100 for a game but only ever seeing 20 odd corners of it?marshmallows

There are CoD veterans that have now turned away from the franchise due to the excessive use of camping and literally refuse to play the game anymore.

Is this what the franchise is turning into, a total camp fest where KDR is paramount and nothing else matters?

For many people I know that this shift in the camper ratio has become a real problem and is in fact killing CoD for them.

There has to be some way to encourage these kids out of the corner and back onto the virtual battlefield again!

Personally I would like to see a feature added where if you are standing still for more than 5 seconds you burst into spontaneous combustion, but I think that might be a bit too excessive.

If the franchise continues at this rate the essence of what CoD is meant to be about will be completely lost, giving way to rooms full of campers and snipers slowly picking each other off as they respawn. Frankly I couldn’t think of anything more boring.

Camping is taking all the fun out of the game when it gets to the point that every time you spawn you are picked off from across the map by a sniper staking out your spawn, or a shadow dwelling ground huger that head glitches so you stand NO chance at being able to see them before they see you.

So what do you think? Is camping killing CoD for you and taking away your enjoyment of the game?

Or are you a camper and think that you actually have a legitimate reason outside of your concern for your KDR that you would like to offer up in defense?