Star Wars: Battlefront – Gamescom 2015 New Details Revealed

Star Wars fans who had the absolute pleasure of watching Electronic Arts’ (EA) press conference yesterday at Gamescom 2015, will have seen the ‘Battlefront’ presentation and might be as blown away as myself. This game is sure to satisfy your inner Jedi and inspire you to take to the field and live out all your mystical fantasies of being a part of the Rebel Scum or an Empire driven hero.r2d2

This game, much like EA’s Titanfall, is multiplayer based with no campaign hence the creators are able to focus totally on the online mayhem that is bound to draw in even the most hesitant Star Wars fan.

Confirmation was aired that there will be 20 live players in a match at one time and to add to that intensity they are also involving 20 AI players in case having 19 other pilots buzzing around you isn’t chaotic enough. So 40 players laser blazing and swinging light sabres at each other is a sure recipe for epic chaos, raising heart rates and satisfying any online FPS players.

Lucas Films has jumped on boarded and helped out as much as possible, including allowing EA and DICE to create a map based around a scene in the upcoming Star Wars film itself.

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