State of the Game: Connectivity Issues & TU9.1-10

Connectivity Issues

Today’s State of the Game was a little light on details however on the discussion list was the connectivity issues being experienced across the board, and some brief details about the upcoming TU9.1 and TU10. In attendance today was Community Manager Hamish Bode and Community Developer Chris Gansler.

Connectivity Issues

There are currently 3 main types of issues effecting connectivity:

  • Asia region specific Foxtrot errors: yesterday’s maintenance helped to address this and a big drop off in errors is being seen
  • Delta errors – still continuing in Europe, Asia, North America and other regions. They are struggling to figure out why it’s happening. They rolled out some back-end changes yesterday to alleviate this, however the issue still continues.
  • Raid issues with matchmaking – they are aware of the issue with Delta errors when joining the raid, however there is currently no fix available.

Investigation continues into the Delta error issue. It’s their highest priority right now.

TU9.1 and TU10

TU9.1 is slated for mid-May and will be a client update (which means larger changes that can’t be rolled out during regular maintenance). A more concrete date should be announced next week as well as details about the upcoming changes. Here’s some brief information about what to expect in the update:

  • Changes to NPC aggressiveness
  • Changes to NPC target accuracy (grenades landing in your back pocket)
  • Warhound Convoy (not considered an exploit, it’s tuned out to be “too generous and gives too much XP for what you have to do”. It’s not yet confirmed if that will be fixed in TU9.1 or TU10.
    • They are not changing this because they want to be “the fun police” said Chris, and take away the best way to earn XP. They know that farming XP this way is super boring and if this is the fastest way to earn XP in the game then “that’s not good“. They are looking to change this so you can earn better XP doing things that are fun in the game, not “boring as hell”.
    • They can’t confirm if they are changing the XP you will earn from the Warhound convoy or the spawning, however will likely be changing the spawns.
  • Bug fixes
    • FPS drops in the DZ

TU10 will bring with it “holistic game changes” and that will likely be when the new raid will be introduced. This is currently slated for June-July and as always, is subject to change. Details about the update and the new raid will be revealed closer to the date, with Chris advising that they are aiming to give 2 week’s warning before implementation – to give you time to prepare and make a new build for the raid.

General House Keeping

Reminder: Log in before May 5th to get your exclusive backpack trophy and 3 apparel caches.

Leagues: The Home League is currently active, you can split your progress across two weeks so you don’t have to get max stages in everything. Complete the stages over a total of two weeks to get another exotic cache and the Lady Liberty backpack trophy.

Manhunt: A new manhunt target available, if you haven’t completed the first two you can still access these and complete them now.

PVP Updates: Game Designer, Bruce?? will be back in a future episode to speak about PvP and the changes that will be coming with TU10.

PTS: A PTS has been discussed but is more work for them that they don’t have the capacity to do right now. A completely new build would need to be made to do this, they may look into it in the future but can’t right now. They thank everyone for reaching out to offer to take part in one.

You can check out the full live stream bleow:

Are you looking for some help with your builds or understanding the changes made with the latest updates and account sanctions? Here are a few links that will assist you:

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