The PlayStation Winter Sale – new discounted games added to the list

We are well into the last month of winter here in Australia but there are still some awesome deals to be had in the PlayStation Winter Sale as more games have just been added to the discounts list.

To being with, here is one for all you Bioshock fans out there on the PlayStation 3.
You can pick up the Bioshock Trilogy, yes that’s right all THREE games, for an insane $22.95.
If that’s not a bargain then I don’t know what is.
Now, we all love Batman, who  doesn’t right? May I present to you the: Batman Arkham Collection.
Before you can say “shut up and take my money ” though, I must point out to you that they have left out a very important inclusion though: Batman Arkham Knight.
Never the less you are still getting 3 awesome games, Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City and Batman Arkham Origins, all for the low low price of $22.95 or $20.66 for PS PLUS members.
So what about the PlayStation 4 gamers you may ask?
Starting with one for the horror buffs out there, The Evil Within is reduced to only $24.95. If you are unsure about this game and don’t want to take a gamble by paying full price for it, now could be the time to pick it up.
Next up we have Battlefield 4, arguably one of the best FPS games to come to consoles over the last year, can be picked up for ONLY $22.95. However if you’re a PS PLUS member you can get it even cheaper at $18.36. That’s under $20 for a truly outstanding FPS game.
If you’re a PS PLUS Member make sure you take full advantage and get a massive 10 – 20% of the all MADDEN 15 titles except FIFA 15, however if you are in the market for the FIFA 15 DELUXE EDITION you can get it for only $29.95 at the moment.
Be sure to check out the listing of the PlayStation games that are currently discounted to save a penny or two via the PlayStation Online Store.