The Council: To Street Fighter or not to Street Fighter? That is the question!

Come along and join The Council Podcast while they discuss all things PlayStation.

The Council is a conversational podcast where they discuss the games they have been playing throughout the week along with any major gaming news that affects PlayStation gamers.

On this week’s agenda we have:

  • Street Fighter V is here, let’s take a look at how the launch went
  • The PlayStation Beta preview is coming
  • Free PSN for all this weekend
  • Paragon, all hype or is there something there?
  • The first waves of DLC for Fallout 4 have been announced
  • The King of Fighters XIV confirmed
  • Driveclub announces a mobile app is on the way
  • SMITE is making its way to the PlayStation 4

Open Discussion Topic:

  • Does lack of knowledge equal YouTube success? Tips for the ignorant gamers.


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