Tips for Playing Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal

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Premium subscribers can now dowload Battlefield Hardline‘s newest downloadable content: Betrayal.

The new DLC features a variety of new features: new maps, new weapons, a gun bench, and more. Just in time for release, developer Visceral released a few tips to help you hit the ground running.

While you’re exploring the new maps Alcatraz, Thin Ice, Cemetery, and Chinatown:

  • On the new Thin Ice map, you can destroy the red pressurized canisters to create holes in the ice. Be careful driving near them, though – vehicles have a tendency to make them burst.
  • In the Chinatown map, you can set off fireworks in the central alley to create a smokescreen.
  • You can unlock more slots to customize more guns in the Gun Bench by completing Assignments.
  • The dual machine pistols are available for any class and do extreme damage up close, but their effectiveness rapidly falls off at range.
  • Now that various weapons have been released to all classes with the base game update, you can pair a Mechanic with a sniper rifle, or an Enforcer with an SMG. You might not be as effective as you would with your class weapon, but the option is there.
  • The A8 S fires an arrow rather than a bullet, meaning it’s silent and won’t make you appear on the minimap. It’s also generally a one-hit-kill weapon.
  • Weapon Vouchers can now appear in Gold Battlepacks for all players, so if you can’t live without a particular faction weapon you can now cross your fingers and wish for good luck.
  • In the Gun Bench, don’t forget to customize outfits for each faction AND each class. You wouldn’t want those killer threads to go unseen.
  • In Squad Heist on Chinatown, a new route opens up to allow for trickier flanking maneuvers. Keep your eyes open.
  • The snowmobile can quickly get you from place to place on the wide-open Thin Ice map, and can give you some pretty impressive jump bonuses.
  • Explosive arrows can be very effective against infantry, simply because you have more of them in your arsenal.

If you’re a Battlefield Hardline Premium subscriber, will you be booting up the game this weekend? If you missed our preview on the new expansion’s gun bench, you can view that here. It’s a fun experience that adds a new dimension to the game.

Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal will be available to the general public on March 15th, for $15. If you don’t have Premium and have to wait, enjoy this new cinematic Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal trailer from Visceral. It’s… visceral.