A sneak peek into: Werewolves Within & Eagle Flight – Ubisoft’s first two Virtual Reality Games

Ubisoft will be bringing their first two Virtual Reality titles to the PlayStation 4 later this year in the form of Werewolves Within & Eagle Flight.

Werewolves Within is a more social game where you plot, scheme and try to ascertain who the werewolf among you is. You will need to conspire, problem solve and communicate with the rest of the team to devise who is the murderer, and in the instance that the murderer is you, you will need to lie and deceive your way out of being caught and hopefully land the blame on someone else.

Eagle Flight allows you to soar around Paris as an eagle. Humanity has been gone for over 50 years and vegetation has started to make its claim on the city where animals runs freely. Eagle Flight creates palpable sensations of height and speed without the daunting feeling that can come with the idea of soaring high above building s in a virtual world.

Here is a look inside Werewolves Within & Eagle Flight: