Game Informer exclusive impressions on Dishonored 2 gameplay

A team from Game Informer had the privilege to go to Europe to Arkane Studio to see some gameplay of the upcoming Dishonored 2 game published by Bethesda.

A lengthy conversation was recorded about their impressions and can be seen in its entirety on a video they published on their official Youtube channel.

Here is a summary of some of their high points :

  • The story looks like it is a direct continuation of the first game, 15 years later, where the canon story was based upon the non-lethal choices made in the first game.
  • It is basically a new engine that is rendering this game, where only about 25% of the first engine was kept.
  • Emily is the character used in the first mission, and it is after that the choices between the 2 characters start.
  • It seems like it is really the same story with both Emily and Corvo, but through 2 very different point of views.
  • The sets of powers are completely different from one character to the other, allowing completely different gameplay experiences.
  • Again, the abilities allow the player to go either all guns blazing or stealth.
  • There is a lot more abilities linked to stealth tactics this time around.
  • Story wise, the story is still based on Dunwall, which seems to be in a middle of a Civil War type of conflict.
  • The art style is still very steampunk, with supernatural elements, but at the same time, everything seems very grounded and real.
  • 2 of Emily’s abilities are a “domino” ability (where the result of an attack can be linked to another enemy, and the effects of it can have repercussions on the second enemy, like a domino falling on another one) and a doppelganger ability (having a controllable second version of yourself).

The entire team spoke highly of the game and is anxious to see even more, which will be the case at E3 2016.  Let’s not forget : the game will be released on November 11th 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Are you interested in this game at all ? Are you more a stealth player or a “guns blazing” player ? What are your expectations about this game ? Let us know in the comments section below or our forums.


Image source : here