Legion of Heroes Upcoming Update

The Legion of Heroes team today released the details of their upcoming update to the game for both their AOS and iOS platforms. See details of the update.

  1. New Products.
Menelaus’s Legendary Package 2 contains the item below.LoH Menelaus
  • Rank 5 Legendary Equipment
  • Chest Rank 4 Legendary Equipment Chest
  • Rank 3 Legendary Equipment Chest
  • Rune Essence 90
  • Rune Powder x 1000
  • Rune Powder x 500


You will be able to get one of above items at random.


2. Revision of 30-Day Soul Gem Package

LoH premium

  •  You will be able to receive VIP EXP from 30-Day Soul Gem Package!
  • 80 VIP EXP will be given to those purchase this package after maintenance!



3. Renewal of Chrono Store
  • Splendid Mythical Equipment Chest (Rank 5) will be added.
  • Red Gem Box (Rank 1-5) will be added.
  • Rank 6/Legendary Adriel of Darkness and Chief Commander Rideran will be added.
  • Bravery Medal Lv.2 will be added.
  • Price will be decreased for Legendary Equipment (Rank 2-4)
  • Price will be decreased for Bravery Medal Lv.1
  • Price will be decreased for Legendary Heroes.
4. Termination of Existing product
  • Limited Package for May will be ended.
5. Event Starts
  • Upgraded Frenzy Time Chest will be added
  • Mother’s Day Event Box will be added
  • +50% Attack Buff will be applied starting on May 11th until May 18th.
Mother Guinevere’s Warmth Event for AOSS
Mother Guinevere’s Warmth Event for iOS
6. Event Ends
  • Vindictus Level Up event will be ended.
  • Recruit Chief Commander Rideran event will be ended.

Game download link:

Click here for AOS,

Click here for iOS