Planet Coaster Early-Bird Alpha 2 now available for PC

Frontier Developments has launched the second phase of Planet Coaster’s Early-Bird Alpha for PC.

Planet Coaster’s Earl Bird Alpha launched in March and gave players the ability to build rides, lay paths, place scenery and explore Planet Coasters modular construction system. At launch, Planet Coaster promises to deliver the most powerful creative tools, the deepest coaster park simulation, the most expressive and believable crowds, and the most comprehensive sharing and community features.

Planet Coaster Alpha 2 takes another major step towards launch. Alpha 2’s new Terrain Sculpting tool set lets players reshape the earth itself, forging hills, mountains, craters and caverns to create something truly unique. Whether building the coaster park of your dreams, re-creating a natural wonder or crafting impossible floating islands in the sky, Planet Coaster lets you bring any creative vision to life.

Alpha 2 players can now also build their own rollercoasters with Planet Coaster’s advanced construction tool set. With the ability to build high into the sky, tunnel below ground and even carve through mountains as they build without limits. Other additions include more authentic coaster types, new stations and all-new paint options to offer unprecedented opportunities for customization and creativity.

Planet Coaster Alpha 2 also adds dozens of new features to make construction easier than ever before. Advanced controls allow for precision editing of scenery, all-new building pieces unlock new design options, and new curved elevated paths let guests explore your parks from every angle.

This summer, Phase 3 of the Planet Coaster Early Bird Alpha will add further features on the road to Planet Coaster’s launch in Q4 2016.

Planet Coaster’s Early Bird Alpha is available to play now at for £49.99 ($74.99, €67.99,).

Planet Coaster will be available at launch in Q4 for £29.99 ($49.99, €39.99), and is available to pre-order today at the discounted price of £19.99 ($29.99, €26.99).