System Shock Demo First Impressions, Kickstarter Project and More!

Barely 24 hours ago, the System Shock Kickstarter page went live and the support that the game has had has been nothing short of incredible – and with damn good reason. I sat down this evening to have a bit of a run through the demo, and it is absolutely fantastic.

The graphics are absolutely spot on, the game still feels like System Shock, which I must admit I did have my concerns over before playing the demo. But I can really say that after having played the game it really does feel the part, and it most certainly looks the part. Nightdive Studio have said that they want to keep it as close to the original as possible, but utilising today’s graphics, and I’d say so far – they’ve done a sterling job. Just check out the comparison below.

system shock comparison

I seriously cannot get over quite how stunning this game is and cannot over emphasise this. But looks aren’t everything, just ask my fellow writer Patrick Landry. However, if you thought that this game just looked pretty, you’d be wrong, the game has some serious weight behind it, the gameplay is already so exceptional, it already has the feel of a polished and final game.

The combat with the pipe can feel a little slow, however this isn’t Gordon Freeman swinging a crowbar, you’re in space swinging a more hefty and heavy looking bit of pipe – and to be absolutely honest, it feels like you’re swinging a heavy bit of pipe whilst playing.

The inventory system is easy to get access to and easy to work out while the gruesome scenery around you sends chills through you whilst also pushing you forward to find out the reasons why…

All in all, I doubt very much that this game will have any problems in attaining it’s initial goal of $900,000 on Kickstarter, I mean in the last 4 hours it’s rocketed up from just over $400,000 to $519,190, so really we need to look at the “stretch” goals for the games funding as well – these are from an infographic on the Kickstarter page:

$1.1 Million – Mac & Linux Versions and Razer Chroma Support.

$1.2 Million – Localization: Multi-language support for French, Italian, German and Spanish.

$1.3 Million – Additional Locations & Expanded Narrative: We’ll introduce new crew members and record new audio logs to be discovered in never before seen areas of Citadel Station.

$1.4 Million – Updates to the Core Design: This will include Vending Machines, Weapon crafting/upgrading, New Mini Games and Puzzles as well as true RPG character levelling system.

$1.5 Million – Full Orchestral Score: We will work with an orchestra to perform and record the score giving the terrifying atmosphere of Citadel Station a serious upgrade.

$1.7 Million – Additional Scenario & Death Cinematics: We want more detailed death cinematics to show your gruesome fate should you fail your mission!

$1.9 Million – Remix: The original System Shock soundtrack remixed and included as a downloadable bonus to every reward tier of $30 or higher.

There are then 4 more stretch goals which are teasingly “glitched” to prevent us from seeing them…

I really cannot wait until this game is fully released, which at present is due “Holiday 2017”, which is great that Nightdive are taking a good bit of time on it, but the impatient gamer in me is angsty, because I played the demo and it left me so hungry for more! It will do the same to you!

I would urge each and every one of you who is showing even a a flicker of interest in this to download the Demo (details of which, including links are on the Kickstarter page) and pledge early the $30 to secure yourself a copy of the game, and to aid in the development costs. Although…

If like me, you are a bit of a tight-wad, and prefer to try your hand at competitions and giveaways, I can exclusively reveal right now that when System Shock is fully released, Real Game Media will be giving away 2 copies of the game – 1 for the PC and 1 for Xbox One! More details on what will be involved with that will come in time, but for now we just like giving something back to the beautiful community of readers we have here at RGM – you guys absolutely rock!

Anyway, enough of me and my ramblings, tell us what you think! Have you played the demo? If so what did you think? Have you pledged your support for the game or do you intend to? Whatever your thoughts and opinions on System Shock, let us know in the comments below or in the RGM Forums!