The new Real Game Media website is back and better than ever!

Recently we announced to you that the EXL Gaming Network and Real Game Media had decided to combined forces to bring you a larger, more interactive and comprehensive media outlet to feed all your gaming needs. We decided that the branding of Real Game Media suited what we are about perfectly so we have come together under that banner with a new logo that represents both entities.

Today we are excited to unveil to you the new website and walk you through some of the key features you now have access to.

RGM Forums

One of the great new additions is the RGM Forums. Here you will be able to meet and talk with like-minded gamers and enter into our various competitions, along with seek help from the community to troubleshoot issues or get help with that level that you simply can’t seem to conquer.

You can register now to be a member of our forums by clicking HERE.

Real Game News Weekly

Another feature that we think you will really enjoy is our weekly news wrap up. If you find yourself missing out on the news during the week you will be able to catch yourself back up in a few short minutes on all the big hitting items that landed on the RGM news desk throughout the week.

Weekly Game Releases

Having trouble keeping up with all the games releasing? Well don’t worry, we have you covered. Placed conveniently on the home page of the website is now a listing of all the games releasing for that week. You’ll never miss a game again.

Real Game Trailers

Looking for a specific game trailer? Look no further than the Real Game Trailers section of the home page on the website. Here you will find various different trailers covering all platforms and genre’s to keep you up to date with all that CGI awesomeness.

Meet our Team

We now have over 20 writers working 24/7 to bring you the most up to date and engaging content possible. With writers based all around the world you can be sure that our content will always be fresh. Stop by the Meet our Team tab and become familiar with the writers that will be bringing you your daily content.

Meet our Affiliates (Coming Soon)

Over the past 12 months we have meet many amazing studios, graphic designers and organizations that we like to work with to bring you even better gaming content, and also to put back into the community to help those how need it most. In the Meet our Affiliates tab you will be able to explore content specific to each of these organizations and get involved in the hands on fun and also participate in charity events to help improve the community that we all love so much.


That’s just an over view of some of the great content you can find on the website so be sure to go have a browse around and check it out for yourself.

Stand by for further announcements of upcoming competitions, programs and even more ways that you can get involved, meet new people, win some cool gaming swag and make your mark on the gaming community.