Update from the Editor in Chief: EXL Gaming is merging with Real Game Media, here are all the details

Hi gamers,

Bella Ryse here, Editor in Chief of the EXL Gaming Network.

I’m here today to tell you about some exciting changes that we are making to ensure we bring you even more of the gaming content that matters to you most.

You will start to notice a few changes have already started to occur, colors are different, logos are changing and will also notice that the writers from the Real Game Media Network whose content you have come to follow and enjoy are now appearing on the EXL Gaming website.

This is due to a decision for the EXL Gaming Network and the Real Game Media Network to join forces to make an even stronger team whose focus is still solely placed on providing unbiased, informative and fun gaming content.

Everything from Podcasts and Developer Workshops, to daily content and forums, competitions and many more activities that we are yet to reveal, will make for a one stop shop that contains all the information and interaction that you could possibly need to feed your gaming obsession.

After careful consideration we have decided that the name ‘Real Game Media’ really does encumber exactly what we are collectively all about so we have decided to adopt that name as our collective banner.

You will still visit the same website, YouTube channel and other various social media outlets to obtain our content, with a few new ones added in to give you even more ease of access.

We don’t want you having trouble navigating around our website over the busiest gaming week of the year so we are not making any structural changes as of yet, however once E3 has commenced please keep an eye on our Twitter for notification that some changes are being implemented, and we would love for you to come back to us with your feedback once you have reviewed them.

We greatly appreciate your continued support and patience with us as we make this transition to merge two large teams together and update all our social media links.

We look forward to unveiling the many exciting and fun content additions and activities that we have planned for you in the near future.